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KumKum - the Label

The coveted Swedish jewelry label KumKum was born in 1996 and registered as an international trademark.


The vision is to create cool, timeless jewelry with a unique flair for women who share a free-spirited, simple yet elegant lifestyle.


Jasmin Zivaljic, KumKum's founder and creative director, has a passion for pearls and gemstones,

she says:


"My aim is to be true to my own style and find balance in everything I do. Jewelry is a reflection of your unique personality and it's very emotional."


"It is often given as a gift and is a physical symbol of the relationship with the person who gave it to you, or a treasured memory."


"Keep the sparkle alive. The most chic look is owning your own style and balancing it with accessories and jewelry to suit the occasion. Adding real jewelry makes you feel instantly glamorous!"


Today, 20 years later, KumKum is a label desired and loved by the world's most stylish women and worn by celebirty Hollywood actresses; Anne Hathaway, Sofia Vergara, Emma Roberts, Emma Watson, Isabel Lucas, Jennifer Morrison, Marisa Tomei, Julie Bowen, TV actress/singer Selena Gomez, celebirty personality Kelly Osbourne and many more.


Over the years KumKum has successfully sold throughout Scandinavia and Internationally through Department Stores, Fashion Boutiques, Jewellers and Tax-Free shops on Airports & Cruise Lines. The jewelry pieces, often the same ones, appeal to women of all ages with very different styles and they are transformed to reflect the individual's unique lifestyle. They are lovingly worn by young fashionistas, bridals parties, young mums, business women, elegant women of a certain age and celebirty fans alike.


KumKum - the Product

All KumKum designs are handmade in solid sterling silver carring the KumKum stamp and 925 sterling silver guarantee.


KumKum signature cocktail rings are studded with exquisite pearls and semi-precious stones, including rare bespoke fancy cut stones exclusively created for KumKum designs, making each one unique and personal.


Social resposibility is at the core of KumKum ethos, we promote international labour, environmentalism and social policy in all areas of production.


KumKum's state-of-the-art factory is government controlled for precious metal and complies with international rules govering Fair Trade.


KumKum Product Guarantee

We offer a one year guarantee on all of our products. If a product is proved faulty due to initial production, we will replace it. However, we do not replace items that are damage by general wear and tear.


Keep the sparkle alive! To keep that out-of-the-store-fresh-shine, your gemstones need a lot of

care and attention.


KumKum Reseller

As a reseller you are expected to meet our minimum requirement, whether you are purchasing from stock or pre-ordering from our New Collections.


Maintaining customer loyalty to our brand, benefits both the brand and the reseller, so we make available high quality material and guidance to merchandise our produkt fully.


To create the KumKum Jewelry brand in store, minimum initial purchase is USD 2.500, after which you are welcome to supplement your stock in less quantities either online or by pre-order.


All orders are pre-paid online


All deliveries include complimentary KumKum Jewelry boxes and pauches and one year Guarentee. (Please click KumKum Jewel Box)


A beautiful, bespoke, lockable KumKum Jewelry stand in glass is also available. (Please click KumKum Jewel Box)


Highly successful Iternational PR for KumKum has resulted in an extensive range of outstanding press coverage featuring Hollywood Starlets and Celebrites as well as fashion editorials. These are available for your websites.


You are invited to view our New Collections which are presented twice a year by KumKum Agents or online. Alternatively, we will be showcasing our Collections at the Copenhagen Fashion Week and the Stockholm Precious Fair.