About KumKum

KumKum was founded in 1996 by Jasmin Zivaljic. After years of working with everything from airport logistics to television production Jasmin decided to transform her passionate hobby info a full-time career.
She takes inspiration from nature and the forces of the universe, where mantras, colors and shapes creates a bohemian luxurious style. The vision is to create timeless jewelry with a unique flare for women who share a free-spirited, simple, yet elegant lifestyle. Jasmin has always been a traveller, based in Sweden, dividing her time between Southeast Asia and Europe. 
Fascinated by ethnic jewelry, precious stones and their soulful history, KumKum jewelry are studded with exquisite pearls and semi-precious stones, including rare bespoke fancy stones created exclusively for KumKum design. All pieces are handmade in solid sterling silver carrying a KumKum stamp and a 925 sterling silver guarantee. 
Social responsibility is at the core of KumKum, we promote international labor, environmentalism and social policy in all areas to our production.
Inspired by the magic of the Orient, the name itself is a gift. KumKum is Sanskrit, name for the red powder used for social and spiritual markings in Hinduism.