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About Cookies

We use cookies to get a good functionality in our online store. We do not collect any information about you as a visitor. If cookies are disabled, the page will not function properly and you will not be able to shop.

How do I enable cookies on my computer?
If your computer has blocked the use of cookies, you can look at this as follows, depending on which browser you use:

Internet Explorer
Select "Internet Options" from the Tools menu.
Click the "Privacy" tab and click the "Advanced".
Check "Override automatic cookie handling ".
sure the" Accept "," Accept "and" Always allow session cookies "are enabled.
Click" OK "and then" OK "again.

Netscape Navigator
Choose" Preferences "in the Edit menu.
Select" Advanced ".
In the" Cookies ", select" Accept all cookies ".
Click" OK ".

Select" Preferences "in the Edit menu.
Select "Privacy & Security" and then "Cookies"
Select "Enable all cookies".
Click "OK".

Select "Preferences" from the Tools menu.
Select "Privacy" and then "Cookies".
Check the box "Allow sites to set cookies".
Click "OK".

Google Chrome
Click on the wrench at the top right and then select "Options."
In the "Under the Hood"'s cookie settings. Select "Allow
all cookies".

About Site

This site is within the guidelines and the standard W3C established. HTML 4.01 is used to structure content and CSS is used to manage appearance. Unfortunately, not all browsers standard fully why the site even though it may look slightly different in some browsers. The site is best viewed with a modern browser that supports CSS, such as later versions of,

- Internet Explorer
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- Google Chrome
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