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About KumKum

Spontaneous, emotional, generous – no qualities if you are going into business. However, now proved to be a unique combination when creating seductively beautiful jewelry of high quality. This description fits Jasmin Zivaljic, who started the acclaimed KumKum in 1996 and is responsible for the design ever since. An international brand dealing in exclusive handmade jewelry – KumKum has been worn by famous actors like Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson, and above all by many women throughout the world who usually do not wear jewelry. They have now found their style.

”KumKum” is the red powder, made of sandalwood and saffron, used in Hinduism to mark one's third eye – in order to be able to reach the inner spirit.

Inspiration is gathered from all continents and cultures, furthermore, the forces of nature as well as the universe. Collections of ethnic imprint is combined with classic mannerism and given various themes. Charged with energy – shape and detail determines each product's characteristic. The structure is carefully composed: topaz, ruby and zircon in harmony with sterling silver (925) forms the luxurious bohemian-jewelry.

Success is the balance between price, durability and design. The jewels need to fit comfortably and be sustainable – not only look pretty. Jasmin's infinite passion to create jewelry, together with experience from many years living abroad and travelling through Asia, has helped KumKum overcome every possible obstacle along the way.

Having control of the production is equally important; supervised all the way from the concept, through manufacturing to the retailers. With hopes and wishes to continue inspiring and satisfying women all over the world with new jewelry by KumKum. Combine and style personally – make them your own.